August 2019 BankPoint Release Notes


What’s New in BankPoint this month

This version of BankPoint contains the following changes and new features:

Loan Review Improvements

  • Added the ability to use Valuation Notes in a Loan Review.mceclip0.png
  • The title and date will now appear when adding BankPoint Forms to a Loan Review.mceclip1.png

Pipeline Loan Improvements

  • Pipeline Documents can now be sorted by column headers.mceclip2.png

Report Improvements

  • Limited the Top Relationship Report to the top 1000 relationships. This value can be changed in BankPoint Settings and the Report Options if more or fewer relationships are needed.mceclip3.png

 General Improvements

  • The BankPoint application will now continue to stay online and accessible to users during daily import processing. Previously, the site would be taken offline during these operations.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The August 2019 release of BankPoint includes general software improvements and bug fixes.
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