May 2019 BankPoint Release Notes


What’s New in BankPoint this month

This version of BankPoint contains the following changes and new features:

Loan Improvements

  • Improved performance of the Loan Listing screen.
  • Custom Loan Balances that appear on a Listing screen will now show totals at the bottom of the grid.

  • Documents can be attached as supporting detail for Loan Transaction entries.

Report Improvements

  • Summary section of REO Roll-Forward report mirrors the selected Accounting Bases from the Report Options.

  • Added Origination Date to the Loans to One Borrower report.

Loan Review Improvements

Introduced the concept of Review Ownership and improved Review Assignments.

The Review Owner represents the person who will typically be responsible for the Review during the full Review life cycle and it replaces the fields that were previously named Assigned To or Reviewer. The Owner role will generally remain static throughout the life of a Review.

The Review Assignee is a new optional concept that represents the person who is actively working on a review when multiple roles may be involved in different stages of the Review life cycle.

Some hypothetical examples include:

  • At the beginning of the Review, a Junior Analyst or Admin may perform some initial tasks to assist and initially assign themselves as the Assignee to indicate that they are actively working on their phase of the review.
  • Later in the Review life cycle, the Review Owner may change the Assignee to themselves to indicate the Review has their current focus.
  • Once the Review is submitted for approval, an Approver can reassign the Review to themselves or someone else to indicate that the Review is getting worked by that person.
  • Users can be assigned or given ownership of a Review, or both.

  • Added option to notify users when they are given ownership to a Review.

  • Owners and Assignees can be changed in a Review until it is fully approved.

  • Improved My Reviews Only option in Review Listing screen and subscriptions to also include Review ownership.

·        Improved performance of the Loan Review Preview.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The May 2019 release of BankPoint includes general software improvements and bug fixes.
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