April 2019 BankPoint Release Notes


What’s New in BankPoint this month

This version of BankPoint contains the following changes and new features:

Loan Pipeline Improvements

  • Included user and date in Comments field of Loan Pipeline extracts.
  • Added Status Effective Date to Loan Pipeline extracts.

Loan Improvements

  •  Added ability to add comments to Action Requests.

Loan Review Improvements

  •  Added Waiting for Validation and Findings Under Review as Status selections in the Loan Review Listing screen.


Deposit Improvements

  • Added Weighted Average Rate as an option to the table on the Deposits Summary screen.
  • Added the balance for Active Deposits at month end of the prior month to the Deposit Summary screen.
  • Added additional drill down options to the Deposit Summary screen.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The April 2019 release of BankPoint includes general software improvements and bug fixes.
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