March 2019 BankPoint Release Notes


What’s New in BankPoint this month

This version of BankPoint contains the following changes and new features:

Loan Improvements

  • Added Loan Type Code to Choose Columns on the Loan Listing screen.
  • Added support to import Collateral Square Footage from the Core.

Loan Review Improvements

  • Added Book Balance, Bank Loan Commitment, and Source to the Review Plan Details screen.
  • Changed the In Progress count for a Loan Review Plan to not include reviews in the Not Started status.

  • Added Choose Columns to the Loan Review Plan listing screen.

  • Added the ability to specify Source when adding new loans to an existing Review Plan.

  • Added Source to the Reviewed Loans Report.

REO Improvements

  • Added Total Appraisal Value to the Valuation chart.

  • Changed the Closing Date in the REO Sales Report to the Date Sold value rather than the Expected Closing Date.


General Improvements

  • Added ability to run and deliver reports with default options via email.
  • Added the User Security Audit Trail Report under the Actions button on the Security screen.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The March 2019 release of BankPoint includes general software improvements and bug fixes.
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