January 2019 BankPoint Release Notes


What’s New in BankPoint this month

This version of BankPoint contains the following changes and new features:

Loan Improvements

  • Added the Primary Collateral Last Valuation Date to Loan Extracts column options.

REO Improvements

  • Added the ability to export REO Cases.

  • Changed the value on REO Case Summary Value card to Remaining Net Value.


  • Added Total Net Value and Remaining Net Value to the REO Portfolio Listing screen’s Choose Columns option.

  • Added Case Fields to existing REO Asset Extract’s Column Options.

Report Improvements

  • Migrated the following SSRS Reports to BankPoint reports: RPT-ADM-002, RPT-POR-007, RPT-POR-008, RPT-POR-015, RPT-POR-017, RPT-RVW-014, RPT-WAT-002, RPT-WAT-003, RPT-WAT-004. 
  • Added Report Preview on Report Listing screen.

  • Added Withdrawal Reason to RPT-PIP-004 Declined/Withdrawn Pipeline Loans Report.

  • Starred Reports now appear on Starred Reports tab in Report screens.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The January 2019 release of BankPoint includes general software improvements and bug fixes.


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