July 2018 ARCS Release Notes


What’s New in ARCS this month

This version of ARCS contains the following changes and new features:

Extract Improvements

  • Added support for flex fields in the data warehouse and Extracts. As part of this change, percentages included in Extracts are now on a 0-1 scale rather than a 0-100 scale.
  • Removed dollar signs and percent signs from the CSV Extracts.
  • Redesigned Extracts.

Pipeline Improvements

  • Added Pipeline Documents Permission to allow a user to add, remove, or edit documents for a Pipeline Loan.

Loan Improvements

  • Added ability to add page breaks to Reviews.

  • Added Preview button while editing a Loan Review.

  • Added support for special characters to the Loan Review Editor Toolbar.

  • Added multi-select to the select loans dialog on the Create/Edit Review screens.

Bug Fixes Improvements

  • The July 2018 release of ARCS includes general software improvements and bug fixes.
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